The Data Controller of the processing of the navigation data of the interested parties, carried out through the use of cookies is RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA Onlus, with registered office in Via delle Rimembranze, 18 – 90049 Terrasini(PA) (hereinafter, “Data Controller” or “Association” or even “RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA”).

Types of cookies used

Definition of Cookies: Cookies are small text strings that Web sites visited by the User send to the Browser of his Device (PC, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, etc..), where they are stored to be then retransmitted to the same sites on the next visit of the same User. Cookies and other similar technologies are a fundamental part of how our Platform works. The main purpose of cookies is to make your browsing experience more convenient and efficient, as well as to allow us to improve our services and the Platform itself. In addition, cookies are used to show advertisements that are interesting to the user when they visit third-party websites and apps. Here you can find all the information about the cookies we use and you will be able to enable and/or disable them according to your preferences, except for those Cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the Platform. It is important to keep in mind that blocking certain cookies may affect your experience on the Platform and its operation. Pressing “Confirm Settings” will save the cookie-related selection made. If no option is selected, pressing this button will be equivalent to rejecting all cookies. For more information, you can see our cookies policy.

Technical Cookies – strictly necessary for the operation of the platform

These cookies are necessary for the Platform to work and cannot be disabled on our systems. They are normally configured to respond to actions taken by the user to receive services, for example, configuring privacy settings, starting a session on the site, or filling out forms. You can configure your browser to block or report the presence of these cookies, but some parts of the Platform will not work. These Technical Cookies are installed directly by RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA and, since they are not used for purposes other than those strictly necessary to carry out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communication network or to provide and deliver a Service explicitly requested by the User, their storage in the Device does not require the prior consent of the User accessing the website of RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA. The Technical cookies present are:
  • Google Tag Manager

Analytics Cookies

These cookies allow us to measure and improve our platform services by quantifying visits and analyzing the origin of traffic. They allow us to know which pages are the most or least popular and to see how many people visit the site. If you do not authorize the use of these cookies, we will not be able to know when you visit our Platform. RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA uses for Cookie Analytics a mechanism of encryption of the entire IP Address (Address assigned to the User’s Device and necessary for browsing the Internet Network) and additional other Personal Data, in order to deidentify the Visiting User and to prevent the identification of a Visiting User through the IP Address alone. The analytics cookies set are:
  • Google Analytics

Profiling Cookies

These are the cookies used to send advertisements in line with the preferences expressed by the User. These cookies are stored in the User’s Device directly by the Owner RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA or by different parties (so-called “Third Parties”). Their storage in the Device requires the Consent of the User accessing the Web site. The User is free to refuse the storage of Profiling Cookies, through the appropriate choice on the Banner displayed on the first visit to our website.
Third-Party Profiling Cookies: Third-Party Data Controllers
Cookies managed by Third Parties other than RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA, acting as Autonomous Data Controllers, are also installed through this website. Third-party cookies currently used are: – Facebook; – Twitter; – Criteo – Amazon; – Hotjar; – Quantcast; – Nexus App – Google Ads.

Management and deletion of Cookies by configuration of the browser used

RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA informs that, in addition to the above, the User accessing the website will also be able to manifest or modify his/her choices and options on cookies through the further settings of the Browser used in his/her Device. The User may at any time directly delete or disable any Cookie through the provided functions and settings of the Browser used in his/her PC, Notebook, Smartphone or Tablet. It is emphasized that options made through the Browser settings will only take effect from the User’s first connection to the RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA website made subsequent to the change of such settings, in relation to choices made directly on that website. We refer to the information and operating procedures to be performed to configure the settings, provided by the Provider of the Browser used by the User.

Purpose, legal basis for processing, and category of data processed

RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA will process only Personal Data derived from the use of First-Party Profiling Cookies for the following purpose: The promotion and sale of products and services of RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA “dedicated” specifically identified through the processing and analysis, including through the use of automated techniques or systems, of information relating to preferences, habits, consumption choices, aimed at dividing the interested parties into homogeneous groups by specific behaviors or characteristics. The legal basis that legitimizes such processing is the consent to the use of profiling cookies, which the User accessing the website of RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA as a Data Subject is free to give or not to give and which he/she can, in any case, revoke at any time. The provision of data necessary for these purposes is not obligatory and refusal to provide them does not determine any negative consequence for the User nor does it prevent navigation of the RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA website, except for the impossibility of receiving dedicated commercial communications.

Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data

The following individuals and legal entities may become aware of the User’s Personal Data as Data Processors: temporary workers, interns, consultants, and employees of the external persons/companies in charge of maintaining and managing the RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA website/domain, external persons/companies in charge of maintaining computer and electronic systems, equipment, and devices, external persons/companies in charge of IT/ITC services, external persons/companies in charge of marketing and web design, all of whom will be appointed as Data Processors. In addition, your data may be disclosed by us to those parties to whom such disclosure must be made in fulfillment of an obligation required by law, regulation or EU legislation.

Transfer of data to third countries

RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA informs that Personal Data may also be transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (so-called Third Countries) only if they are recognized by the European Commission as having an adequate level of protection of personal data and that the exercise of the rights of the Data Subjects is always ensured.

Rights of Interested Parties

REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (the so-called GDPR) gives individuals, sole proprietorships and/or freelancers (“Data Subjects”) specific rights, including the right to know what personal data is held by RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA and how it is used (Right of Access), to obtain the updating, rectification or, if there is interest, integration, as well as the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or restriction of such data. Interested parties may at any time revoke, where issued, their consent to the storage in their Device of Cookies and the possible processing of Personal Data resulting from the use of Cookies, under the terms stated above, or by accessing the “Cookie Policy” section of the site. RNO CAPO RAMA MANAGING ENTITY WWF ITALY emphasizes that withdrawal of consent will only take effect for the future.

Data retention period and right to erasure (i.e. Right to be forgotten)

RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALY will process the Personal Data collected with the First-Party Profiling Cookies, indicated in this policy, for a maximum period of 12 months . Some data referring to session cookies, on the other hand, will be kept only for the duration of the session itself. At the end of the aforementioned retention period, Personal Data referable to Data Subjects will be deleted or stored in a form that does not allow the identification of the Data Subject (e.g., irreversible anonymization), unless their further processing is necessary for one or more of the following purposes: (i) resolution of pre-litigation and/or litigation initiated before the expiration of the retention period; (ii) to follow up on investigations/inspections by internal control functions and/or external authorities initiated before the expiration of the retention period; (iii) to comply with requests from Italian and/or foreign public authorities received/notified to RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA before the expiration of the conservation period. It is pointed out that if a User reconnects to the RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA website after a period of time exceeding the maximum Cookie expiration period, the Banner for requesting consent will be displayed again.

Methods of exercising the rights of the Data Subject

Each Interested Party to exercise the rights referred to in the preceding paragraph by writing to the appropriate e-mail box of RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALY:

Complaint or report to the data protection supervisor

RNO CAPO RAMA ENTE GESTORE WWF ITALIA informs you that you have the right to file a complaint or make a report to the Data Protection Authority or alternatively appeal to the Judicial Authority.
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