Notice of mushroom collection at the RNO Cape Rama

The WWF Italy, Managing Entity of the Capo Rama Oriented Nature Reserve: having regard to Regional Laws No. 98 of 6/05/1981 and No. 14 of 9/08/1988, as amended and int.; having regard to Decree No. 970 of 10/06/1991; having regard to the opinion of the Regional Council for the Protection of Natural Heritage (C.R.P.N.) of 9/07/99; having regard to Decree No. 244/44 of the Territory and Environment Department (G.U.R.S. no. 46 of 13/10/2000); having regard to Annex 2 to D.A. 274/44 of 06/23/2000 of the Regional Land and Environment Department “Regulations containing the terms of use and prohibitions in force in the Capo Rama Oriented Nature Reserve,” published in the Official Gazette of the Sicilian Region Part I no. 46 of 10/13/2000; having regard to Decree no. 250/GAB of the Department of Territory and Environment (G.U.R.S. No. 49 18/11/2005); having regard to the Single Convention for the entrusting of the management of the Oriented Nature Reserve “Capo Rama” to WWF Italy published by Decree of the Regional Department of Territory and Environment in the G.U.R.S. No. 2 of 09.01.2009 as amended by D.D.G. 1160 of 31.12.2018; having regard to the updated list of Natura 2000 sites, identified pursuant to Directives no. 92/43/EEC and no. 79/409/EEC (GURI 21.04.2017 – no. 93) of the Ministry of Environment among which the SAC “Cala Rossa and Capo Rama” (ITA020009) is included; having regard to Article 2 letter n) and Article 4 letter o) of the aforementioned D.A. 274/44 of 23.06.2000 Annex no.2 of the ARTA; having regard to R.L. 3/2006 “Regulation of the collection, marketing and enhancement of wild epigeal mushrooms”
The regulations for the collection of wild epigeal mushrooms, upon application to this Managing Authority, from November 26 to December 31, 2022 in accordance with the provisions of
by the regulation. – Interested parties, equipped with suitable ID and mushroom collection card, can book an appointment (via e-mail to or mobile 3381046579) to submit special request for authorization at the Reserve Office, Via delle Rimembranze 18 Terrasini, no later than Friday, 11.11.2022.



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