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Capo Rama

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The Capo Rama area has been protected since 1968 by the Municipality of Terrasini as a "Biotope of inestimable value". In implementation of the Regional Plan of Parks and Reserves of the Sicilian Region (L.R. n.14/88), the Regional Territory and Environment Department, "in order to safeguard the territory of considerable scientific interest (geological, floristic and faunistic), distinguished from the strongly degraded surrounding area, due to the presence of Sparzio and Olivastro maquis, as well as interesting rocky vegetation along the rocky coast", with Councilorship Decree No. 274/44 of 23 June 2000, established the Capo Rama Oriented Nature Reserve, entrusting its management at WWF Italia onlus.

In addition to the Capo Rama promontory, the Natural Reserve constraint also extends to the neighboring coastal areas, for a total extension of 57 hectares of protected area divided into zone A and zone B. The Reserve falls entirely within the wider " NATURA 2000 site - ZSC "Cala Rossa and Capo Rama", code ITA020009, identified pursuant to "Directive 92/43/EEC" (Dir. "Habitat"), and is registered among the European protected areas with the code EUAP1101.

R.N.O Capo Rama Terrasini

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